Xiaomi includes in MIUI a function that allows you to save space by deleting unnecessary WhatsApp files. We explain how to use it step by step.

MIUI is a software full of functions and features, many of them exclusive to mobile phones Xiaomi and that are not present in any other version of Android. Among them, some stand out such as function to clean the speaker of mobiles, the “Vlog mode” or the “WhatsApp Cleaner”. The latter is precisely one of the least known, despite being one of the most useful and convenient.

Not all users of Xiaomi smartphones know that their devices incorporate a tool designed to free up space removing “junk” data stored by WhatsApp over time. So today we are going to review the operation of this tool, and how it can be used to free up space on any mobile from Xiaomi easily.

WhatsApp Cleaner on Xiaomi

Xiaomi includes a tool called “WhatsApp Cleaner”, which helps you save space on your mobile.

What does MIUI’s “WhatsApp Cleaner” do?

It is not surprising that very few people know about the WhatsApp cleaner integrated in MIUI, because for some reason, the function is especially hidden.

It is an addition within the “Security” application that comes installed in MIUI. And with it, it is possible save space by deleting old documents, GIFs, wallpapers or voicemails, stored by WhatsApp over time.

Given the WhatsApp is usually one of the apps that end up taking up more space in the memory of our mobiles, this feature is especially useful, especially if you want to avoid the classic “Storage almost full” warning from appearing.

So you can free up WhatsApp space on your Xiaomi mobile easily

Despite being somewhat hidden, the WhatsApp cleaner for Xiaomi phones is easy to use. To activate it, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the application drawer of your Xiaomi, or look on one of the desktop screens for the icon “Security”.
  2. Make a long press on this icon, until a menu with several options appears. Among them will be “WhatsApp Cleaner”.
  3. If you want, at this point you can add a shortcut to WhatsApp cleaner to the home screen of your mobile.
  4. Tap on the option corresponding to the cleaner, and wait for the tool to calculate the space occupied by WhatsApp.
  5. When finished, it will show you the space occupied by each type of file: documents, GIFs, wallpapers or voice messages.
  6. Tap on each category to access the files, and select the ones you want to delete.

What is and how is the "WhatsApp Cleaner" from your Xiaomi mobile

That is all. When you are done deleting the junk files, you will have recovered some space from the internal memory of your mobile, which you can use to install new applications, save more images or record longer videos.

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