The option to transcribe voice notes to text will soon be integrated into WhatsApp. No more need to use third-party apps!

After finally enable encrypted backups, the company behind the messaging app is already working on the next big thing about WhatsApp: the possibility of transcribe voice memos to text, without the need to resort to third-party applications or tools.

Although they already exist Methods to Convert WhatsApp Audios to Text Messages, at present it is still necessary to use external tools, which on some occasions they don’t work as well as they should. For that reason, we are happy to hear that the app will soon have its own transcription function.

Play WhatsApp audio before sending

WhatsApp will allow you to transcribe audios to text.

Transcribing WhatsApp audio messages without third-party apps will be possible

It has been, as usual, the people from WABetaInfo, who has shared the first clues about this role. Apparently the app take advantage of the voice recognition system built into the operating system to convert the audio notes to text, thus giving the possibility of read the content of audio messages, for those situations in which it is not possible to hear them.

The fact of carrying out the transcription using the operating system’s own tool, implies that the content of the audio notes will not be sent to the Facebook servers to be able to perform the transcription.

Although the clues have been discovered in the version of WhatsApp for iOS, we must not forget that Android also includes its own voice recognition service, SpeechRecognizer. Therefore, it is assumed that the company also plans to introduce this feature in the version for Android devices.

Transcription of a WhatsApp message

This is what transcripts of WhatsApp voice messages will look like.

About the operation of this tool, we know that the transcript of the message will appear at the bottom of the chat window when choosing the option to convert audio to text. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the transcript will be stored in the local WhatsApp database, so that it is possible to access the text at any time without having to redo the transcription.

At the moment, the function is in development and is not available to users. It is very likely that users registered in the WhatsApp beta program are going to be the first to try this tool.

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