The famous stickers of the Korean girl will disappear from WhatsApp sooner rather than later.

“Lohee” He is four years old, more than a million and a half followers in his Instagram account and, in recent months, has become known worldwide as “the Korean girl of the WhatsApp stickers”.

Its popularity soared after various packs of stickers for the messaging application went viral, using images of this girl to represent reactions or moods.

But sooner rather than later the stickers by Lohee they will end up disappearing from the Internet. Or, at least, those who do not have the approval of the girl’s environment will do it, because as explained in 20 minutes, the mother has decided to take action on the matter with the aim of prevent the girl’s photographs from being copied or reproduced without her express permission, indicating that they will file a lawsuit against all those who do not respect its instructions.

Korean girl sticker pack

Sticker pack of the Korean girl on WhatsApp.

Goodbye to the stickers of “Lohee” in WhatsApp

The girl rose to fame several years ago thanks to her Instagram account, Jimniran. In it, they are published frequently pictures of the girl with funny reactions, which did not take too long be reflected in sticker packs for WhatsApp created by third parties oblivious to Lohee’s surroundings.

Her account became so popular that the girl she became an “influencer”, even going so far as to sign contracts with brands. Nevertheless, some companies would have used the images of the girl for their campaigns, without the express permission of the girl’s mother.

That is one of the reasons that led the mother to decide limit business activity by companies that have not obtained consent, as well as adding a notice to their Instagram profile stating that images should not be copied or reproduced without permission.

These restrictions further imply that WhatsApp stickers will have to be removed if we take into account the terms of service of the messaging application, in which it is collected that it is not allowed illegally distribute any type of content protected by copyright or regulated by intellectual property law.

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