The Chinese brand has managed to get ahead of Apple and announce its own smart glasses, with MicroLED technology and a weight of only 51 grams.

A few hours after the keynote Apple, where is hopes that those of Cupertino will show a first preview of their smart glasses, the Chinese giant Xiaomi has decided to get ahead of the bitten apple mark, presenting to the world their first “smart glasses”

Despite being a concept product, Xiaomi wanted to show what i could get using the technology available today, if it were applied to a product very different from the rest that make up the company’s catalog.

And it is that Xiaomi Smart Glasses combine a simple look, and at first glance, not very technological, with the innovation provided by systems such as MicroLED optical waveguide technology.

Xiaomi smart glasses

Xiaomi smart glasses have a microLED panel that is used to display messages, notifications, make calls or navigate, among other things.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses, smart glasses weighing 51 grams

The company explains what some of the challenges you have faced during the development of this product. Indicate that MicroLED imaging technology It is the most suitable for a device of this type, since with it it is possible to reduce the space required in the structural design, in addition to lightening the total weight of the device by several grams.

The panel controller is located in the own glasses frame, and has a size of 2.4 x 2.02 millimeters. In this sense, Xiaomi explains that the use of MicroLED has made it possible to provide the device with a more compact screen with a high pixel density – each pixel, by the way, has a size of 4 μm.

The screen of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses is monochrome. It has been decided to opt for this solution, since it allows achieve two million nits of maximum brightness, with the aim of allowing enough light to pass through the optical structures before reaching the eye, even in direct sunlight.

By adopting optical waveguide technology that refracts lights 180 °, the MicroLED screen accurately transmits light rays to the human eye through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens.

Xiaomi wants to make it clear that its Smart Glasses they are not a complement to the smartphone, but it is a wearable totally independent, with functions such as the possibility of make calls, take photos, use the screen as a teleprompter or read translations in real time. All functions are enabled through the XiaoAI assistant, which is also capable of displaying relevant information at the most appropriate time, and without disturbing the person wearing the glasses.

Navigation with Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Xiaomi Smart Glasses can display navigation directions on the screen.

Of course, the glasses also integrate a camera. In this case it is 5 megapixel resolution, and is intended for take photos, as well as to translate text into images. Also includes a microphone and an indicator light that indicates when the camera is in use.

All the functions of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses would be supported by an Android version, a quad core ARM processor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, and of course a battery.

For the moment, yes, the brand has not disclosed its production plans of this product, and it is not clear if they will eventually become a reality, or if they will simply remain a promising concept.

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