If you activate your Xiaomi phone in any of these countries, the terminal could be blocked forever.

With social, economic and even technological globalization, it is quite common to buy a product in another country to use it in another, and surely on some occasion you have brought from your well-deserved vacation a few electronic devices that were not present in your country of residence and, in principle, without having any problem when using them.

But it does not work that way exactly with all countries or brands. The export policy of Xiaomi prohibits the sale of its smartphones in certain regions such as Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan or Crimea.

The Chinese company now it would be blocking people’s devices if they activate them in any of these regions, something that is not included in the terms of use but that it seems they are doing right now.

All of our smartphones will require, sooner or later, an Internet or data connection to download applications or updates, and Xiaomi It could end up blocking them from a distance, rendering your phone useless and giving you no choice but to return it or even lose all your invested money.

Specifically, some users in these countries are receiving a message on a black background in which it basically says that “this device is blocked.”

Specifically in terms of use you can read “Buyer may not export any Product purchased from Seller to any country or territory or anywhere if export control laws prohibit it. Prohibited countries and territories include Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and the Crimea region.”.

In this way you have to be very careful not only where you buy your phone but also where you end up activating it, although we are talking about very specific countries that have very restrictive entries.