The reason would be to comply with international export regulations, nothing is further from reality.

Well yes friends, Xiaomi is already the brand that sells the most 5G mobiles around the planet, but be careful here, because the truth is that not in all countries the sale of Xiaomi terminals is authorized, something that sometimes eludes many users.

Not surprisingly, the Haidian giant has no official presence in a lot of markets still, including a huge one like the United States, although to date nor had they ever been inconvenienced when importing devices and use them even in unsupported regions always with the obvious limitations of network and frequency compatibility.

Xiaomi lock

Xiaomi is blocking its devices in certain countries to comply with international legislation.

This has changed now, just as the companions of xda-developers, then complying with international export regulations, and although its internal policies do not explicitly prohibit the sale of Xiaomi smartphones outside of countries with an official presence, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has begun to proactively lock your devices in these 6 countries:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Crimea region

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The news jumped on Reddit in the XiaomiAdictos threads, and has spread like wildfire on social networks where we can already see screenshots of Xiaomi smartphones indicating that these devices cannot be used in any of these 6 countries, after a few days from its first activation:

Xiaomi’s policy does not allow the sale or supply of the product in the territory in which you have tried to activate it. Contact the retailers directly for additional information.

Xiaomi mobile blocked in Cuba

A Xiaomi mobile, showing the message of the blockade in Cuba.

Some users say that this block affects only devices activated in the forbidden regions themselves and previously mentioned, keeping the operation of all those Xiaomi mobiles that were activated in their countries of sale yes authorized. In any case, this is something that has not yet been confirmed for now.

It also does not appear that the blockade affects mobiles with custom ROMs, something that at least is curious but understandable having touched codes in the software version.

Important news for anyone who wants to import a Xiaomi to any of these countries, well effectively the Terms and Conditions Xiaomi prohibits exporting phones to these six countries, although without warning of this direct block that has begun to be applied:

14.2 The contract and all products sold are subject to applicable export control laws, including but not limited to the export control laws of the United States and the buyer’s own jurisdiction. The buyer will not export any product purchased to any country or territory or to any place if prohibited by export control laws. Prohibited countries and territories include Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and the Crimea region. If the buyer wants to export any product to another country, they must obtain the required export licenses or other government approvals before doing so.

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