YouTube is perhaps the most used streaming video platform in the world, and that is why the company continues to improve its service. Now, The company has confirmed that the YouTube app for Android will allow you to set a preferred video quality for streaming..

This feature has been discovered in version 15.12.33, and given the notes in this capitalized “BETA” next to the new switches, it seems there might be some bugs to fix.

YouTube will let you choose the default streaming option

YouTube currently has a default video quality that is set on the server side. You should know that the company has limited these characteristics in recent days due to the Coronavirus pandemicsince millions of people are confined to their homes.

Google has decided to reduce the overall transmission quality, setting the default to 480p to free up bandwidth for other uses. Of course, while watching a video, it can be switched to HD quality manually, but the next video will start to play at 480p again.

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It is assumed that this novelty that is in beta phase arrives after the problem with the Coronavirus infections is solved, it would not make sense because users would opt for the highest possible quality.

Once this feature lands, you will have two separate controls for the default video quality– One for when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and one for when using mobile data. It is true that there is already something similar that limits the use of mobile data by default to 480p, but this function will go further.

This is the internal note:

Video quality preferences
Adjusts to give you the best experience for your conditions
Auto (recommended)
Use more data
Higher picture quality
Select your default streaming quality for all videos. You can change streaming quality in player options for single videos.
Video quality preferences (BETA)
Lower picture quality
Data saver
Video quality preferences (BETA)

This new feature will come in handy after the COVID-19 outbreak ends, especially if we view the audiovisual content on a larger screen such as a tablet.

We will have to wait to find out when it will be included, since for now Google is committed to reducing Internet bandwidth until the contagion of the virus that has paralyzed half the planet ends. | Source: XDA-Developers