Zoom, one of the most used video conferencing applications in the world, continues to evolve to offer more and better options. The company announced this Monday at its Zoomtopia conference when the transcript will arrive in real time and machine translation, Among other functions.

The company continues to strive to take its application to the next level and thus stand up to other popular propositions such as Google Meets and Microsoft Teams. Powered by an artificial intelligence system, real-time transcription (subtitles) in English will come to free accounts this autumn.

However, those who wish to test the function in advance, may request access through This formulary. Once the application is submitted, they will receive a confirmation email with more details. Zoom also plans to expand its transcription service to more than 30 languages ​​by the end of next year.

Machine translation at sight in Zoom

But that is not all. After acquiring the German company Kites At the end of June, Zoom is one step closer to implementing its live transcribed audio translation service. This feature will support up to 12 languages ​​and will be available only on accounts paid at the end of next year.

Another of the important news that is coming to Zoom has to do with the board. The video conferencing app already allows you to create and share whiteboards in meetings, but now it will add advanced options that seek to simulate the classic whiteboards of a lifetime.